Happy Monday Footsloggers. As you may have noticed, I really enjoy learning about the history of the beautiful places I visit. Wupatki National Monument, which sits about an hour from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, is a wonderful place to stop and marvel. It’s huge, rising from the juniper dotted plains like a castle and several smaller pueblos can be found nearby.


First, I was blown away that Wupatki features around 100 rooms and that it’s over 1000 years old. Second, I couldn’t believe that people survived in such an inhospitable landscape. The scenery is vibrant, but barren and there is little to no water.


The building itself is very dramatic. It’s yet another monument to how amazing humans are, not only carving out an existence on the sparse plain, but building a structure that has stood for so long. The walking tour of the monument is very interesting. It describes what each room was most likely used for, and is a great educational stop for kids and adults alike.


It was also fun to go somewhere I hadn’t been. Though my family traveled all over the southwest when I was a kid, we’d never stopped by this gem. If you’re camping at the South Rim, it’s definitely worth the day trip.

It also was a nice break after an intense couple days of hiking. My husband and I meandered around the ruins, got another stamp in our National Parks passport, and enjoyed the beauty of the day. After the hustle and bustle of the South Rim, Wupatki was downright empty, and it was nice to have space to really take it in.

Have you traveled to any less known places? What did you think? How did they inspire you?