Dear Footsloggers,

Today I want to jump feet first into this big beautiful world and get a little more personal with you all.

I’ve limited myself with my quiet descriptions of these beautiful hikes. I’m going to stomp right up to the summit of the truth rather than tiptoe around it. Because what else is life (and writing) for?


So why do I hike? I hike because I love nature, I love vistas and trees and wild animals. I love the delicate plants that you miss when you’re looking at the big picture.

I hike because I love the challenge. I love the sound of my boots on the ground. I love the way my legs feel when I’m fit and strong. I love the sense of independence and baddassery that it gives me, especially as a woman. I even love the muscle soreness that arrives after a long day on the trail.



I hike because it strengthens my relationship. It is the foundation of my bond with my husband. In our seven years as a couple, we’ve scoured National Parks and have hiked hundreds of miles together. He proposed in Zion and we got married in the middle of the desert. Our National Parks passport is filled with stamps and our garage is chock full of camping gear. It’s what brought us together and I look forward to exploring together in the future.

Our day flawlessly captured by Gaby J Photography 


I hike because it makes me feel alive. Because I’m hungry for beauty and pain and wilderness and to stop the buzzing in my head. I hike because at my very core I am always asking a question that I’m not sure has an answer. And I hike because I am a hiker.


But what about you, fellow foot travelers, nature lovers and peak baggers? What compels you to lace up your boots and get out there? What questions do you want answered? What ignites your soul?