We wanted to go swimming. We talked about it in the rainy months of winter, and as the summer crept closer we didn’t stop. It became a chant, “swimming, swimming, swimming”. We dreamed of hiking up to a pristine lake that we could plunge into, of letting the sun dry our skin. So refreshing!

But the summer didn’t really get hot enough to swim. At least not hot enough to swim in Heather Lake. We hiked it in July, on a moderately warm day and it was a lot of fun despite not being able to jump in.

What to Know:

It’s Short

Heather Lake is a 4.6 mile hike that is suitable for all ages! It’s a fun, pretty flat hike and the reward of reaching the lake is pretty great.

It’s Busy

The trailhead is off the same road that takes you up to the Mt. Pilchuk Trailhead. And it was a zoo the day we explored it in July. Bring your Northwest Forest Pass and head there early if you want a parking spot.

The Lake Is Freezing

I’m not kidding. I attempted to go in. But the water was so cold it stung my calves. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to douse my feet in the icy water, but if it’s swimming you crave you might want to look closer to Seattle. Or go during a hotter summer.

It’s Beautiful

If you want to take a leisurely hike or don’t have a lot of time, Heather Lake is a great destination. It’s close to Seattle, it’s not too strenuous and it’s remarkably beautiful. Craggy mountains surround the crystal clear lake and in the summer, the tall grass is a vibrant green.

So Green!

So while we didn’t get to swim, we did get a gander at this great lake and had a very scenic lunch. If you’re going to go, bring a picnic, take it easy and get ready for some great views.

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Happy hiking.