The weather has been so grim and gray in Seattle that it’s been impossible to get out. I also was waylaid by a terrible lingering cold, which made the idea of venturing into the gray even more difficult.

I’ve been dreaming about the summer and about previous trips when the sunshine was plentiful.

In 2014 we took a weeklong trip to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. It was a magical adventure because we saw so many animals.

In Yellowstone we went to the Lamar Valley, the “American Serengeti” and the best place to see animals in the whole park. There we were treated to the sights of pronghorn, wolves, elk, mountain goats and of course–bison. We got stuck in a Bison Jam, which was very exciting and it also allowed for great photo opportunities.

Massive Bison Bull

It was great being up close to the bison from the safety of our parked car.

Sweet Bison Calf

Seeing the wolves was amazing, but they were too far away for truly clear photos. We did get to see this young coyote prancing through the grass, but it wasn’t as exciting because we have coyotes at home.

Sneaking through the tall grass

We also saw a lot of Elk. My husband said that the last time he was there, in 2011, he and his family didn’t see any.


Though we were very close to the animals, all of these photos were taken from the car. I always give them their space and try not to sneak up on anyone. You can get great photos without bothering the animals or endangering yourself.

I am so excited for adventures as the weather gets better and am hoping to hike this upcoming weekend. More posts to come as spring gets further on its way.