Hello all,

I’ve been waffling for what feels like eons about starting a blog cataloguing my various adventures and mishaps in the wilderness.

You would think it would be a no brainer, I love writing and I love hiking, so why not combine a couple of my favorite pastimes? I grew up taking family vacations to the national parks, as well as hiking and horseback riding on the local trails in my small California town. I have continued hiking as I have gotten older and have taken several amazing trips as an adult.

Since my recent move to the not-as-damp-as-everyone-from-California-said Pacific Northwest, I have been able to explore a vastly different landscape than the one I grew up in. The desert of my youth has been left behind for a land of dense forests and water (seriously, there is water everywhere), and there are three national parks within a 2-3 hour drive.

I have a lot of stories backlogged; from watching an eclipse in Bryce Canyon to having a campsite raided at midnight by a surprisingly dexterous black bear. So be ready for adventure! Like our friend Henry David Thoreau, I will walk into the woods and then write about it, hopefully with less neckbeard.